24 Little-Known Uses For Dandelions From Baking & Pain RELIEF To Quickly Removing Warts

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The Health Benefits of Dandelions

Dandelion is a very unique weed. It is rich with zinc, iron, vitamins A, B, C, K and D, beta carotene and potassium. The good thing about this weed is that you can use every part of it starting from the root to the blossom.

People used this plant for thousands of years ago. They treated different diseases including heart burn, kidney problems, appendicitis, liver problems, bones problems, cancer, cholesterol problems and many more.

Some benefits of eating your weeds:

Dandelion can be used as a cure for digestive problems. It doesn’t matter if you use dried or fresh dandelion, it is a perfect choice for stimulating appetite or for settling stomach. But if you constipation, you can use the root of this plant because it may act like a mild laxative.

If you want to clear out waste and salt from your kidneys, you can use this plant also, because it is a diuretic and it will increase urine production. This way you will soon clear your kidneys.

Dandelion is rich with antioxidants, so people in the past used this plant against cancer, premature aging or other diseases caused by oxidative stress. This plant will easily boost your immune function and it can easily fight off microbes.

If you have eyes problems or if you just want healthy eyes forever, use the leaves from this plant. They are rich with beta carotene.

Dandelion tea is also good for inducing leukemia cells to die, without any bad side effects. 


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