Shocking Facts About The Sugar!

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If today you eat a piece of cake or some cookies, you will probably think that it is bad for your body-belly or upper part of your legs. But Bruck Alpert, co-author of the book “ Without Sugar: you lose pounds, feel good and look few years younger, advise that you should start taking care for your face!

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She explains what consequences we have, when we eat a lot of sugar. She wrote the book together with the dermatologist Patricia Pharis and reveals what happens when there is a lot of sugar in the blood.

Sugar starts to attacks your skin- says Alpert. It has affection on the collagen and elastic and the skin cells become strong and help your skin to become older with wrinkles

In the book you have a new way, how to lower your need for sugar. The process starts with 3-days detoxification, and lasts for 3 weeks.

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It is not easy at all. The examinations show that the people become very depressive, they start shacking and it is not good to be around them.

Those who are not ready to replace their piece of cake with cold chicken should eat some fruits or food with proteins. The excitement will be lower, because the lever of sugar in the blood will be stabile and their face will become soft, elastic and of course- beautiful.

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