7 Tricks to Prevent Spring Allergies From Taking Over Your Life!

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Spring season is full of surprises. Spring is the season when the trees bloom, when the nature is the most beautiful, but also it is a season for allergies. 2/3 of all the population have problems with the spring allergies. Some people take an antihistamine, but there are other ways to protect yourself from the bad spring allergies.

1.Minimize activities outdoors when pollen counts are at their peak

Don’t go out during the midday and the afternoon hours, because that’s the time when the pollen is typically at its highest point.

2.Wear glasses or sunglasses when outdoors

Wearing glasses or sunglasses in spring is not just a fashion. Glasses can protect your eyes from irritants in the air.

3.Shower and wash your hair before bed

If you wash yourself before going to bed, it will help you to remove irritants and pollen from your skin and hair and your bed will be clean and safe.

4.Get mold out of the bathroom

Check your bathroom for mold. Clean your shower curtains with hot water every seven days. Don’t forget to open the bathroom window when you are showering and after that. This way you will easily stop mold growth in you bathroom, which is one of the main reason for allergies.

5.Spring clean your bedroom

Clean you bedroom carefully. Use dry cloths against dust under your bed, behind your bed, in the wardrobe and on the ceiling. Wash your blankets and close the door.

6.Eat healthy food

Start consuming foods rich with selenium, magnesium, Vitamins B,C E like all fruits and vegetables, some seeds and nuts. Don’t forget to drink tea. Drink chamomile tea before bed and Echinacea tea during the day.

7.Reduce stress

Reduce your stress, because this way your immune system can’t work properly and you will easily become a victim of allergies.


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