8 Foods You Will Have To Give Up To Avoid Eating GMO’s!

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About 20 years ago, a company that is now owned by Monsanto (MON) introduced the Flavor Savr tomato – that was actually the first genetically modified organism which is approved for consumption in the United States.

Since then, all of the farmers across the world have been using more and more GMOs every year.

It’s a practice that has come under increasingly intense scrutiny.

Some of the activists who are truly worried about the potential for human health problems, have started demanding that food containing GMOs be connected as such.

But what many people don’t really realize is the fact that they’ve been consuming products with GMO ingredients for many years.

The Institute for Responsible Technology has a brochure breaking down GMO presence in many different kinds of foods.

Here are about 8 of the most popular foods that actually contain GMOs.