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8 Tips How To Fascinate Your Husband And Enjoy Life While He Is Treating You Like A Queen!

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As a psychologist, I have met and helped people who face with different problems with their family members, especially with their husbands. You think that your husband doesn’t pay enough attention to you. But wait a minute; do you pay enough attention to your husband? I am sure that the answer is NO. I have done a lot of researching and I have helped a lot of people.  So, I have decided to help you online for free.

Stop being nervous and relax! Be smart and strong and outsmart your husband!

Possible Problem I:

Husband’s behavior:

Your husband is avoiding you. He comes home late. He is usually angry; he doesn’t talk with you enough. He doesn’t buy you any presents and he forgets your birthday and anniversary. On the other side he is the funniest person when he is with his friends. He wants to go out with his friends, but he never asks you to out with him.

Wife’s behavior:

You are nervous all day long, waiting for him. When he comes home you are angry too and you are waiting for a dust to fall down to start quarrelling. You ask him where he was, who he spent his time with. Then, all night long you think of divorce, but you are not strong enough to do that.

Stop! I have a solution! It is very easy and unbelievably effective!

woman tea

Buy aromatic candles and light them. Make a cup of coffee or tea and calm down. You don’t want your husband at home all the time. You need a time for yourself. If he is at home, you won’t be able to relax and talk with your friends on the phone.



woman cook

Clean your house and prepare his favorite dinner or lunch (depends when he is supposed to come home). Remember, he doesn’t deserve this-you deserve it. Buy his favorite drink and set the table. Let everything be perfect.



woman makeup

Take a shower and add some body milk, so your skin will be soft and you won’t smell on the food that you were preparing for him. Put on some make up and dress middle provocative. Do something with you hair. You shouldn’t go to the hairdresser, use your imagination. Put on some nice perfume and color your nails.


woman cocktail

Prepare a cold drink for yourself- alcoholic or nonalcoholic cocktail (depends on you) and wait for him to come home. Be careful, you should still have your cocktail in the glass when he arrives home. He has to see you enjoying without him.



man kiss

When he shows on the door he is probably angry or tired, and he expects you to yell at him or to be nervous and ask questions, but he sees another woman. Wow, she looks great and she is happy. Now it is your turn to show him who you are. Hug him immediately, kiss him and say “Oh you finally come home; I have missed you so much; come on I have a surprise for my loving husband”. And lead him to the table.

feed man

Now, take a chair and sit right next to him and start feeding him (don’t worry, lately he will get used to “eat from your hand”). And continue drinking your cocktail. He will notice that. When the dinner is over, help him to go to the bed and put the TV on his favorite TV program, sit next to him and hug him. Tell him that you love him very much. Start kissing him. Don’t forget to smile all the time. Tell him a joke. He might ask you what is happening with you.

men hug

Why are you dressed like this? – Well, this type of handsome man deserves this type of woman.

What is happening with you? – Love is happening with me. I can’t hide how much I love you anymore.

Why are you so happy? – Because you are home. I have missed you a lot.

puss beg

10 days before your birthday or anniversary remind him that he should buy something. Men are not good with the dates. 2, 3, 4 days remind him again: “oooo someone’s anniversary is coming. 3 or 4 days left. Tell him: “I know what I am going to prepare for dinner or? You think to take me out? Did you decide what are you going to buy me?Beg him to buy you something, even something very cheap like nail polish.

Very soon, he will start to avoid his friends. Now, you can tell him that he should call his friend and he should go out. Pretend that you worry about his social life and check his opinion about going out with friends. If he asks you to go out, tell him that you don’t have appropriate clothes and he will buy you something. Using this technique you will change his behavior.  Anyone will rush home when he knows that a smiling face is waiting for him. No one would like to go out if the fun is at home. Every man will buy something for his wife if he knows that she will wear it for him.

end im

Remember: Do this every day and don’t let him to see you crying or angry. Nobody likes weak person. Be strong and smart woman; show him what you deserve!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. 

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