9 Reasons Why Should You Eat Aronia Berries!

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Aronia Berries are a super food and extremely high in antioxidants. It is important to mention that Aronia Berries also have the highest anthocyanin concentrations (pigments), and this food is very high in proanthocyanidins (tannins), plus they have a lot of other polyphenols.

Aronia berries have been used in many scientific researches because of the fact that they have extremely high levels of these phytonutrients.

Aronia Berries Benefits!

  1. Aronia Berries help you to reduce blood pressure
  2. Aronia Berries help you to regulate Blood sugar
  3. Aronia Berries can reduce inflammation
  4. Aronia Berries have a power to reduce the chance of a heart attack
  5. Aronia Berries are great for reducing oxidized LDL cholesterol levels
  6. Aronia Berries may reduce eye inflammation
  7. Aronia Berries is the food that reduces the chance of developing cancer
  8. Aronia Berries is awesome food for reducing weight gain
  9. Aronia Berries also can help you to reduce muscle recovery time after hard workouts

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How much should I eat?

You should eat a few berries (3-5 berries) 3 times a day.  Multiple doses a day are important because this way you keep consistently higher flavonoid contents in your blood stream. (i.e. anthocyanins/etc.. levels in your blood seem to drop off after a couple of hours.)

I usually advise people to eat a good sized handful over the course of the day.

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