Aloe Vera- The Miracle Herb!

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Aloe Vera is a magical herb that can be found mainly in the desert areas of East and South of Africa. But also, some people who are familiar with its unique powers, grow it at home as a plant.

There are about 500 different species of Aloe Vera. So be careful, which one you are going to use and for what purpose.

Aloe Vera has a special structure. It is multi-annual succulent plant with juicy, fleshy, spiny leaves on upright stems. Its color is usually green. You can use it only older plants.(3 years old and more)

Which part of the plant should we use?


Well, you should use the juice from plant. So, it is easy. You find the plant, and then you cut its leaves. Inside the leaves you will see the dense liquid. You need to cut the leaf at its basic, and to continue cutting the leaf horizontal. That’s how you can collect the juice from the plant. Then using boiling and vacuum, you can make it denser. Now the juice has a specific smell and bitter taste. When you see it, you can notice that it doesn’t have any color, but sometimes it can have a yellow-brown color. You are supposed to keep it in dark and glass banks.



Wondrous powers of Aloe Vera


This herb can be used for different purposes. It helps at digest problems, chronic constipation, hepatitis, gallbladder disease, liver disease, tumors, cancers, headache, colitis, but it is also used in cosmetics. It is good for hair and face masks and for beautiful skin.




Witnesses! True Story!

A 45 year-old man, suddenly went yellow-skinned all over his body. Nobody knew what was wrong with him. Soon after he went to hospital, he was told that he had hepatitis (liver cancer-bad type). It was a disease, which was a consequence of hepatitis virus (safe one) that this man had 25 years before. This strange case was not familiar with the doctors. They said that this disease was inside his body for 25 years, destroying his liver day by day. Finally the doctors said that will live for 2 months only. The only option for him was to have a surgery and to change his liver with a new one. But that never happened. But this man didn’t die 2 months later. He lived for a year, thanks to the Aloe Vera.

Here is his receipt for Cancer:


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150gr of Aloe Vera (grated on plastic grater)

250gr honey

350ml red wine (17*)

You should put them in a jar and wait for 5 days (you should shake the jar few times a day)

You should drain it and you take 1 spoon before you eat for 3 days, the fourth day and further you take 1 spoon in the morning and 1 spoon in the evening before you eat until you empty the jar. You should drink it for 3 months.



Unfortunately, it was too late for this man, but there is a plenty of time for other people. You can help them sharing this receipt.

Be good and generous. Help somebody-and somebody will help you.