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Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?

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A lot of people nowadays have problems with starting conversation with other people. Some of them are shy, but some of them do not know how to fit in a group. They always think on what should they say to the others. Lots of people avoid going to parties because they are faced with this problem.




Are you one of them? Are you tongue-tied?

they are different ways how to overcome this problem. It is very easy if you try some of them. Dress yourself in your favorite clothes. Feel satisfied by look. Put a smile on your face. Walk confidently. Stand next to a group of people you want to chat with and look at them with a great smile. Then join them and start talking.

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Give them compliments about their clothes, make up, hair style or similar. Everybody want compliments.

Tell them how you feel. Ex. It is hot in here, the music is so nice or loud, do you agree? Tell jokes, laugh laud, shake your head up and down or left and right, to show them that you agree with them.

Repeat the last words that they say, to show them that you are listening to them. Very soon you will notice that you are the heart of the group.

Easy, isn’t it?Go on a party and try it.

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