Breaking News: Oxygen Causes 60 Different Diseases!

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During the researching of many degenerative diseases, carcinomas and process of getting old, the theory of oxygen is in the center of the exploration. Different surveys show that the oxygen is the reason of the big number of disorders. The oxygen is the one that gives life and takes life at the same time. It is necessary for a proper work of the organs and tissues and leads all the metabolic processes. Taking part in the processes of oxidation, the molecules of the oxygen are marked as oxidants and they are produced during the metabolic processes and during the breathing and immune reactions, so they have positive reactions on the organism. At the time of these processes, also appear bad forms of oxygen called free radicals and they are a consequence of the UV light radiation, air pollution, toxic chemicals (pesticides that are entered with the food, tobacco smoke or toxic drugs).

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How do the free radicals cause damages and disorders?

The organism that is exposed on polluted environment and is often attacked by the bacteria and virus infection produces bad forms of oxygen. These molecules are in in-stable condition and have to compensate the lost electron, so that’s why they react with any molecule from which they can “steal” an electron. That’s how they attack any molecule on their way. It can be protein or fat component of the cells. When they attack the fat part of the cell membrane leads to its destruction, which leads to dysfunction of the cells. During each of the processes of taking electron they create a new molecule released by the electron, and now it is a free radical. So that’s how begins a chain reaction: one free radical creates a new one. During this process of stealing electrons, free radicals attack the genetic material, DNA chain, leading to mutations and cancer.

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Free radicals are the reason for arteriosclerosis, degenerative changes of the ankles, dysfunction of the nerves cells and neurological illnesses. Until now the scientist can find the connection between sixty different diseases and the oxygen, because of the destructive reaction of the free radicals. These processes are happened gradually, and the losses and damages that suffers the body, are accumulated until the moment when the body is weak enough to show the symptoms of the disease.

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Some people succumb to the disease faster and some people do it slower. That’s why; you need to take a lot of antioxidants every day. Logically, right?

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