Cherry Juice Fights Insomnia!

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All people occasionally drink juices because the fact that they refresh us, they are also very healthy. Quite popular fresh juices are orange juice, pineapple, peaches, bananas, but it is very little known about the benefits of drinking cherry juice. It has a sour taste and contains a lot of vitamins that give us energy throughout the day.

Millions of people have trouble sleeping. Some people have difficulty sleeping and others often wake up during the night. This leads to chronic fatigue, depression, somnolence and health problems.

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Scientists have discovered that natural sour cherry juice helps with sleeping problems. This confirmed the results of the study, which recruited 15 volunteers.

Academics Pennsylvania and Rochester, divide the participants into two groups to study the effect of cherry juice on sleep. One group was consuming cherry juice every morning and evening for two weeks, while the other group was drinking a placebo drink. Participants from the first group decreased the problem with insomnia, while the second group remained a problem.