21 Ways To Restart And Heal Your Body With Corn And Corn Silk!

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The corn is a full of fibers and is very important in a daily menu for the people who have metabolism problems, but it is also good for the people with diabetes, because the fibers regulate the sugar in the blood. The corn is rich with B-complex, especially B9 (folic acid), which prevents you from heart attack and colon tumor. The corn is very necessary for pregnant women because it is good for the proper development of the fetus. Also the corn is rich with incense (vitamin B1) that is good for mental health and good condition, and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that recharges your body energy. You can eat the corn both boiled and frilled, and you can make quality flour and the famous corn oil.

Healing with Corn Silk

corn berries

The most interesting part of the corn is its silk. It contains fatty and essential oil, resin, rubber, alkaloid, whose main function is to clamp blood vessels, then chlorophyll, phosphoric acid, potassium and manganese as well. From the dried corn silk you can make a tea which is an excellent cleaner of the body, and it is one of the best natural diuretics. It is enough to drink it only for one day to be beneficial in the case of collection of water in the body. It is ascertained that if the tea is consumed in large quantities and often it can dissolve the stone and sand disposal of kidneys. With regular the consumption of this tea dumped excess toxins and phosphorus and protein, which significantly reduces rheumatic upsets, accelerates the circulation and affects the proper functioning of the liver. This tea is good for reducing excess weight, because it melts the body fat.


Corn Silk Tea

corn silk
It is very easy to prepare the corn silk tea.

 50 grams of corn silk

 a liter of boiling water

You need to put the silk into the water, and wait for 5 min. then, the tea is ready. Best way to consume the tea is to drink it throughout a day.