Cucumber Benefits That You Should Know!

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Besides its amazing outside form, the cucumber hides a lot of vitamins and healing ingredients inside, and list of cosmetic products that contain that contain cucumber is endless. For thousands of years the cucumber is connected with beautiful skin and health body.




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Cut one cucumber on small pieces, add it in a pot with milk, and leave it like that for an hour. Then, take a piece of cotton and clean your face with it. When your skin will be dry enough, add the pieces of cucumber and wait for 10 min. your skin will be firm and smooth for few hours.


Lotion for greasy skin

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Make yourself a quality lotion that is usually very expensive if you buy it from a drugstore. Take a little cucumber juice, some rose water and ½ liter glycerin. Mix it well and the lotion is ready.



Mask for dry skin

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60 grams of almond oil mix with 2 gr. Of Vaseline, add 3 gr. of fresh cucumber juice. Now the mask is ready. You can apply it on your face and 20 min later wash your face with mild water.



Note: Always when you add a mask on your face avoid your eyes, nose and mouth.

Advice: when you make a cucumber salad, don’t throw the cucumber peels; add them all over your face and neck. Your skin will be grateful!

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