Cutting This From Your Diet Rapidly Improves Heart Health Markers

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A study in Atherosclerosis which included 35 children (aged 9 to18) revealed some unique findings. The involved children were at high risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart risk.  Children during the research consume drinks and food with same number of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and calories as their typical diets.

The only thing that was different was that researchers swapped some foods that contain added sugars.

After 10 days since the beginning of the research, they had 33% drop in triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, which are main risk factors for heart disease.

This means that children who cut sugar from their diets had huge improvements in markers of heart disease.

This study was short-term, but it proved that added sugars can lead us to metabolic disorders and heart diseases.

Dr. Robert Lustig, who is a professor of pediatrics at Children Hospital at the University of California, San Francisco and a co-author of this study, is very proud of this study and he proved that sugar calories and not like the other carbohydrates calories. He added that they have accomplished this huge improvement without changing total carbohydrate, or protein or fat.


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