Doctors Are Urging You To Stop Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs!

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All over the country doctors are putting all mothers and fathers on alert with only one simple message:

Stop feeding your kids hot dogs!

Statistics say that there’s no doubt that the hot dogs are an American favorite. I can clearly remember eating hot dog cheese and mac mixed up as well as hot dogs on the grill for our national holiday fourth of July.

I can still feel their delicious smell and taste them when I think about it. Approximately about 155 million wieners consume hot dogs every Fourth of July nation-wide. That’s too many ‘dogs!

But according to the latest research, children who consume more than a eight hot dogs per month increase the percent to develop childhood leukemia for  nine times.

Additionally, mothers who consume one hot dog per week while the pregnancy period increases their kid’s likeliness of developing brain tumors later on in life.

Same as mothers, fathers who often consume hot dogs before conceiving a child also increase the percent of cancer to his child.

The problem? Nitrite additives.

Nitrites are an additive which is found in hot dogs, usually added to combat botulism.

During the process of preparing the hot dog, nitrates combine with amines which are naturally found in the meat to form N-nitroso, which is actually a seriously carcinogenic compound.

If you must give your family hot dogs, then find nitrite-free meats or simply limit the amount of hot dogs you and your family consume daily or weekly.

You can also ask the supermarkets to start carrying nitrite-free hot dogs. All what you can do is to lobby your local school board to bring hot dogs that contain nitrites.

Do you still eat hot dogs?

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