FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic!

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After years of hiding the facts under the rug and hoping no one would ever notice, the FDA few days ago finally admitted that chicken meat that you can buy in the USA contains arsenic. Arsenic is a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s usually fatal in high doses. But the real question is where this arsenic comes from: They add it to the chicken feed on purpose!

To be worse, the FDA in their recent research shows that the arsenic which is added to the chicken feed usually ends up in the chicken meat and it is consumed by people. So for the last fifty years, Americans who ate toxic chicken meat have been swallowing arsenic, a well-known cancer-causing chemical.

Until this story has been revealed, both the FDA and the poultry industry used to deny that arsenic fed to chickens ends up in the chicken meat in the supermarkets. The best excuse story we’ve all been taught for fifty years was that “the arsenic ends in the chicken feces.” There’re no any scientific facts for making such a claim… it’s just what they wanted people to believe.

But now the evidence is in front of us.  The manufacturer of the chicken feed product which is known as Roxarsone, has decided to take off the product off the supermarket shelves. The name of this manufacturer that puts arsenic in the chicken feed is Pfizer. It is the very same company for the vaccines which contain chemical adjuvants that are usually injected into children.

Actually, the company that produces Roxarsone, is a subsidiary of Pfizer, and it is known as called Alpharma LLC. Even though Alpharma decided to pull the toxic feed chemical off the shelves in the United States, but they say that it won’t necessarily remove it from feed products in other countries around the world unless they are forced by regulators.

Arsenic?  Are you going to continue eating it?

Now, the product will be pulled off the shelves but the FDA continues its campaign, claiming that arsenic in chicken meat is at such a low level which it’s still safe for people to eat. The FDA says that it really increases the risk of cancer, because the arsenic is a carcinogen.

The National Chicken Council agrees with the FDA. But don’t believe them when they say that Roxarsone  is pulled from supermarket shelves means that chicken is now safe to eat.

Eat more poisons, but don’t consume any healing foods!

The FDA protects the profits of the companies that poison us daily with their deadly poison ingredients.

By the way, there is another disturbing fact that you probably didn’t know about conventional beef and hamburgers: Chicken litter as you know contains arsenic, and that is used to feed cows in factory beef operations. So the arsenic is consumed and concentrated in the tissues of cows, which is put into hamburger that people eat daily, not knowing the fact that, actually they eat second-hand chicken sh*t.

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