Flu Vaccine Contains 25k Times More Mercury Than Is Legally Allowed In Drinking Water!

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According to the latest lab tests, the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, the famous seasonal flu vaccines, has abnormally high levels of neurotoxic mercury. These vaccines are injected in everyone, including old people, pregnant women and even in new born babies. Flu vaccine, mainly produced by British pharmaceutical giant called GlaxoSmithKline, contain upwards of 51 parts per million of mercury, or with other words, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, that is 25,000 times the legal maximum for drinking water. Surprised?

This shocking news are that millions of people around the world are injected with flu vaccines every year, but more shocking is that most of them are totally unaware of the fact that actually one of the most toxic metals known to mankind is injected directly into their muscle tissue.

Dr. David Brownstein, physician and holistic medicine specialist, wrote on his personal blog that for more than twenty years, he has been testing almost every patient who visited his office for heavy metal contamination and what he found out was terrifying.  He has found that more than 85% of his patients, including sick and healthy patients, have mercury toxicity. That shows that Mercury is undoubtedly one of the most poisonous substances known to mankind.

Dr. Brownstein, using this information, has sparked many venomous attacks from angry pro-vaxxers who still claim that mercury is completely safe. Nowadays, they claim that mercury is no longer being added to vaccines, but that is a huge lie. Vaccines continue to harm the most precious among us, including innocent young children.

Knowing all this mention above health authorities still insist and let people including young children, pregnant women and old people to take the toxic and cancer cause vaccine. Some of the ingredients in the vaccines are neurotoxin and formaldehyde which is a well-known because it can cause cancer. Are you going to close your eyes and get your flu vaccine?

The mercury double standard continues to ravage public health

The biggest irony in all this is that the government admits that mercury is toxic. The Obama administration, insist to shut down all coal power plants, because they blast heavy amounts of mercury into the atmosphere. Official government warns pregnant women to stop consuming canned tuna because it has mercury.

So, if we sum up, according to the government, the mercury is still going to be used in dental fillings and flu, but the mercury in smokestacks and food should be avoided?


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