Harvard scientist urges people to stop drinking “low-fat” milk!

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Vegans were right all along; while organic, raw milk offers great health benefits, a pediatrician and, David Ludwig, discovers that dairy products and conventional milk are not good for your health, because they have added health-compromising sweeteners.

As David Ludwig showed in his research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, there are great numbers of facts which show that the ill effects of sugar-sweetened beverages we drink every day. The over-consumption of sugar can lead you to diabetes, obesity, inflammatory-related pain and other diseases. Sugar has negative effects on our health, even the American Academy of Pediatrics, the United States Department of Agriculture, and other similar organizations recommend stopping consuming calories from sugary drinks immediately.

The one calorie-containing beverage they continue to promote, saying that they reduced-fat milk, so the organization advice you to drink 3 cups daily.

David Ludwig says, that drinking three cups a day of milk – maybe it is the most prevailing advice given about the diet to the American public in the last half century. As a result, Americans consume billions of gallons of milk a year, because they think that their bones would crumble without.

Ludwig is seriously concerned about the fact that, if the USDA recommends to drink reduced-fat milk, at the same time they encourage people to consume added sugars, and that is opposite of saying not to consume sugar-sweetened beverages and sugar. The idea of consuming chocolate milk or low-fat milk actually means that the fats are replaced with dangerous sugars.

Ludwig says that the worst possible situation is reduced-fat chocolate milk: so first you take out the fat, and makes it less tasty. Secondly you give kids to consume 3 cups a day, so you give them to consume sugar-sweetened beverage… Third, we can get plenty of calcium from different types of foods. For example, cooked kale certainly has more calcium than milk. Also if you eat nuts seeds beans, sardines or green leafy vegetables then you consume enough calcium.

The Case Against Low-Fat Dairy, and Other Dangers of Milk

David Ludwig, Harvard researcher, agrees that there are plenty of reasons to avoid certain fats such as refined polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils, trans-fats, but the evidence for moderate consumption of saturated fat, which is found in coconut oil, milk and grass-fed land animals, is coming to the surface.

Further, there are huge benefits of drinking full-fat dairy products. Actually fats (raw, organic, and coming from grass-fed cows), full-fat dairy promote control diabetes, heart health, lower bowel cancer risk, aid in vitamin absorption and even aid in weight loss. So, remember that pure dairy could promote your health, but conventional dairy may prove damaging.

Before you consume your next meal with conventional dairy, please educate yourself what your dairy includes. You’d be surprised that there could be antibiotics, 20+ painkillers and much more lurking in your milk.


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