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Health Myths- Foods you think are Healthy but are Not

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Many foods known as healthy foods are actually not health at all. Here is a list of healthy foods which are not so healthy for us.

    Flavored yogurt products

Flavored yogurt products provide essential amino acids, calcium and vitamin B, but at the same time they are rich in added sugar (sometimes they contain more sugar than standard desserts you avoid). If you want healthy yogurt products, then make your own. Just take a low fat yogurt and put your favorite berries in it. Share well and enjoy a perfect, healthy and delicious yogurt product.


Bagels you can buy in the nearest market are nothing more than nutritional disaster. They contain refined carb (white flour) which is a number one enemy for your arteries.  Next time you buy it, take a smaller size, and be sure that is made of 100% whole wheat varieties. You can eat it with a little peanut butter on the top. Your arteries and your body will thank you!

    Bran Muffins

Bran muffins can be healthy only if you prepare them at home. Bran muffins from the market are loaded with sugar, additives, white flour, colors and caramel. Don’t believe in the perfect brown color, it is not healthy at all.

    Fruit Juice

Tv commercial always say that fruit juice is made from real fruits, but do you believe in their story? Packed fruit juices contain sugar and calories. If you like fruit juice, just buy your favorite fruits and eat them or make your own fruit juice with some water.

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