Here Is The Root Cause Of Cancer!

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Dr. Otto H. Warburg, winner of The Nobel Prize, devoted his entire life to the study for real reasons that cause of cancer.
One of the leading biologists of the 20th centuries, Dr. Warburg, discovered that too much acidity in the body is the root cause of cancer. This means that if the ph in your body is below the normal level (if it is lower than 7.36) it constitutes as we called an acidic state of the body. Dr. Warburg, in his study, investigated the respiration of cell and metabolism of tumors in the body and he discovered that cancer cells actually maintain and thrive in PH lower than 6.0. He believed that there is a relation between oxygen and Ph in your body. The alkaline state (higher Ph), is actually higher concentration of oxygen molecules in the body, but acidic state (lower Ph), is lower concentration of oxygen molecules in the body. We should not forget the fact that, the body needs oxygen to maintain healthy cells.

For this amazing discovery, Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931. He proved that alkaline is healthy because cancerous tissues are acidic.  Water is consisted of H+ and OH-ions, so if there is an excess of OH-ions, it means that it is alkaline but if there is excess of H+, it means it is acidic.

Dr. Warburg, in his famous study, The Metabolism of Tumors, showed that cancers have two main conditions: hypoxia, which means lack of oxygen, and acidosis. These two are something like a coin with two sides, which means if you have one of them, then you also have the other. All healthy cells need oxygen, but at the same time cancer cells can live without oxygen, which he demonstrated in his study as a rule without exception.

So, Dr. Warburg, had clearly demonstrated, that oxygen deficiency is the root cause of cancer in the body. He also, showed that cancer cells cannot survive if there is a higher level of oxygen in the body, known as alkaline state of body, because they are anaerobic.

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