Home Remedy For Poor Blood Circulation in Feet

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Nowadays, many people face with problem of poor circulation in the feet. Actually, feet are far away from heart and as a result they are common place for poor circulation. This means that you don’t have enough oxygen and nutrient rich blood in the tiny blood vessels in your feet. If you want to check your circulation in feet, read this article and check if you have any of these signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms for Poor Blood Circulation In Feet


According to Mayo Clinic, numbness is a symptom for poor circulation.


If your feet are often cold, you also suffer from poor circulation


Look at your feet and check the color. If you notice that your feet look pale, blue or red, this means that you have problem with the circulation.


Development of sores on your feet, which are unable to heal is a dangerous symptom for circulation problem.

Slow Growth

If you have cuts that need more time than usual to heal, you definitely have poor circulation.


Home Remedy For Better Blood Circulation in Your Feet



Mix these ingredients and drink it once or twice a day.

Include turmeric in your cooking.


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