How To Quit Smoking! Part II!

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Just remember how many times you have tried to quit smoking without any results. It is enough. It is time to try a new way to do it. Stand strong on your feet. i can offer you fast, easy and free way to quit smoking forever! Follow my tips and you will make it!




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1. Chose a new habit! Think like this: When I was 15 or 20 I was young and I wanted to smoke-so I did that. I felt wiser than my friends who didn’t smoke; I was the One who tried new things first. But that was me when I was young.  And now think about the reason why do you smoke now? No reason? That’s it! That’s right. Take a deep breath. It is time for moving forward. Now you are wise enough, you don’t need the cigarettes to make you wise. Think like this: Now, I am 25, 30, 40 or 50, now I want to do something else. So, I will stop smoking and I will start (think for a while and chose what you want). Say loud: My new habit is …… (You choose what).

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2. Be a good example for your family, children or colleges! Show them who’s got the strongest character. You are the One who can quit smoking easy. If you fall don’t give up. Stand up and do it again. You can do it. Show the world that you are strong enough to stop smoking and move forward.


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3. Take a reward! Take an empty jar, and every day, put inside the money you were supposed to spend on cigarettes. At the end of the week, buy yourself something (T-shirt, nice bottle of wine, ticket for a football match, jewelry or something else you like). You deserve the reward! It is yours!


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4. Change your thoughts! Every time you think of lighting a cigar, light for example aromatic sticks. Your body and lungs can stay clean and your room will smell fantastic. You don’t smell like cigarettes, your clothes don’t smell like cigarettes and your flat doesn’t smell bad, also.



Try these tips and tell me about your opinion! I am waiting for your reply!

Millions of people succeeded, you are the next one!

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