How To Quit Smoking!

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Smoking is a very bad habit. Although you are familiar with its bad consequences, you still continue to do it. Do you know what do you smoke? Do you feel helpless?





I Have A Solution For You!

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Make some notes (why do you want to quit smoking) and put them everywhere where you put your cigarettes (car, pocket, drawer, coat, computer, bag). Write notes: I will save some money, I will be healthier, I will have white teeth. My friend will sit closer to me. I can help other people to stop smoking. I will be smarter.


cigarette leg
2. Always when you want to take a cigarette, ask yourself are you sure that you want to do it. Ask yourself who is stronger? You or the bad habit! Spend your free time with non-smokers. Rule your life. Take a deep breath and beat the habit.



smokers lungs

3. Follow the changes. Your lungs are cleaner, your teeth are white, your skin color is fresh, you breath easily and many more. Your partner is kissing you more frequently. Yo finally have fresh mouth breath.



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