How To Remove Uric Acid From Your Joints!

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Cucumber is an excellent vegetable. People use cucumber for different purposes. Some people use it a fresh and healthy salad, but many people use the cucumber to prepare a perfect face mask. This article will show you the health benefits from the cucumber juice.

Cucumber juice is a health and refreshing drink. Besides that, cucumber juice has many health benefits, and the best thing about it is that it has the power to remove uric acids from joints and at the same time it can lower your body temperature.

We are all familiar with the ginger and celery health benefits.

If you combine cucumber, ginger and celery, you will make the most powerful home remedy with awesome health benefits.

How To Prepare Cucumber Juice


-1 medium-sized cucumber

-1 young ginger (an inch-sized piece)

-2 celery stalks

-1 slice lemon


Before you start preparing the drink, you should clean and wash all the ingredients. Now, you should cut the cucumber and the celery in slices. Then, cut half of the lemon, and put the other half in the fridge. After that you should shred the ginger root.

No, when all the ingredients are ready, mix all of them and drink this excellent juice 1-2 times a day.

Be careful!

When you start drinking cucumber juice, you will probably feel a mild pain. This means that the remedy works. Continue drinking this juice until you start feeling better.


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