How To Starve Cancer To Death By Removing This One Thing From Your Diet!

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Many studies and researching discovered that the number of people who have cancer grows very fast. They have also shown the relation among environment, emotions and the food that people normally consume during their meals.

Cancer’s fuel-sugar

According to some famous doctors, biochemist and scientists, you can beat the cancer if you cut some foods from your diet:

Dr. Otto Warburg, together with his team, took many researches about cancer, and they found out that cancer loves sugar. Unfortunately, many doctors hide this information from their patients, and as a result, people continue to eat sugar and processed foods, and they have more difficult time fighting this disease.

The German Nobel laureate, biochemist, physicist and medical doctor, is 100% sure that you could starve cancer out of your body. According to his theory, if you stop consuming sugar-you can save yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you should just stop eating candies, cakes and cookies. It means that you should stop eating all the foods that have hidden refined sugar including: whole grain bread, healthy yoghurt,  white bread, packed cereals and other thing that are sold in the markets around the world and are full of sugar.

Don’t worry, it is not so hard!

The best and easiest way to eliminate all those refined sugars is to stop eating pre-packed foods and to stop eating in restaurants.

Instead eating fast processed food, start eating plant-based foods and fresh animal based proteins (except red meat). You can also consume nutrition-packed foods.

It doesn’t sound easy but it definitely deserves.

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