Incredible Effect Of The Elderberry Syrup!

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The syrup of elderberry has magical taste incredible and stimulating effect.

Healing properties of black elderberry is in all its parts – roots, fruits, leaves, flowers.

Tea of the colors he used for inhalation with a sore throat in urinary and hemorrhoids.

A decoction of the leaves helps in skin rashes and rheumatism.

Fruits are supportive and immune modulation.

Homemade Elderberry Syrup Recipe!

elderberry making


30  elderberries

2 kg sugar

1 packet of citric acid

1 liter of water


The colors are washed and soaked in water for 24 hours, covering completely.

The syrup obtained is filtered, added sugar and citric acid. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Pour into bottles, without leaving air. Store in a cool and dark. If you put a few grains of rice syrup becomes aerated. Dilute 1:9, served with lemon and ice.

Elderberry Syrup Benefits!

elderberry syrup

Boosts the Immune System

Elderberry syrup helps your body to fight diseases. Elderberries are a rich source of vitamins C and A that are crucial for maintain optimal health. Bioflavonoids in elderberry syrup boost the body’s immune system because it increases antioxidant levels.

Treats Upper Respiratory Infections

Elderberry syrup helps you to fight with cold symptoms. Elderberry syrup helps you with respiratory problems, like discomfort and trouble breathing.

Improves Flu Symptoms

Elderberry syrup helps to decrease the length and severity of your flu symptoms like sore throat, chills, fever, muscle aches and fatigue may go away faster if you take bottled elderberry syrup. A study in the Journal of International Medical Research shows that patients who were given elderberry syrup recovered faster from the flu than the patients who didn’t use this supplement. Elderberries are good for the proper body work.

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