Japanese Secret For Long Life!

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To live more than 100 years is not a myth.

Some people around the world lived more than 100, some people are older than 100 years, but some people will live longer than 100 years.

But what is their secret?

Are you going to live longer than expected? Are you different from the rest?

My team has been researching in various countries.

We have been travelling to the highest mountains, to the furthest villages and we found a lot of amazing facts.We stayed there for a year trying to reveal their secret.

Are you ready for the truth?

Ushi's words

One of the oldest people that met is Ushi Okishuma. This amazing woman is 109 and she is still active. She does not feel like 109 and she does not look very old. She is very kind and friendly. She told us about her habits and I am going to share them with you.



Here are her unwritten rules:

1. You should drink a lot of tea. But be careful. Not every type of tea is useful for the same purpose. You need to drink black or green tea. Stop drinking coffee and become friends with the tea. The tea has high content of antioxidant and reduces the chance for heart attack.
2. We realized that Ushi has never tried a real chocolate.
3. This great woman has been a friend with her garden where she grows grape. She eats a lot of grapes every day. But if you cannot eat grape than drink a glass of red wine every day.
4. Realizing that she eats fruits and vegetables every day, we must mention that eating healthy food is also very important if you want to live longer.
5. This is one of the most important facts. You should laugh every day. Laugh, laugh and laugh. Don’t be sad. Don’t be angry longer than 3 minutes.

If you do not forget these 5 facts for longer life, you will be surprised what they can do for you.
They have changed my life and they are going to change your life too. I am very happy to share this with you. Our researching does not stop here. We are moving to another place, where we are going to find different person with unrivaled secrets for us.

Remember this:

feel the nature

Every time when you look at the mirror counting your wrinkles, just smile. You wrinkles and your years are not so important as you think. Every time you feel down don’t take a pill, take a glass of wine. When you wake up, don’t make a cup of coffee, make a cup of strong tea. When you feel hungry, don’t eat flips, try vegetables and fruit. Laugh, walk and enjoy your life!