Natural Home Remedies For Headaches: 3 Ways To Relieve The Pain!

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The stress we face every day at work, at home, on the streets, in the markets caused by tight schedules, problems and traffic jams lead us to the terrible headaches from time to time. Looking for immediate solving the problem with headaches we usually consume painkillers. But what we always forget, is the fact that all those painkillers have many side effects that we actually don’t notice in the beginning.  We must stop this trend. Instead of poisoning our bodies with painkillers, we should try home remedies, which cost almost nothing and at the same time are very effective with no side effects.

Let’s try some home remedies for headaches. You can choose one or you can try all of them. They are all 100% effective.

Massage and Constrict

Try using the web of skin connecting your forefinger to the base of your thumb. When you have a headache, firmly massage this part with circular motion for 4-8 minutes. Then switch the hand and repeat it. Continue doing this until your pain stop. You can also tie your forehead with a necktie, before you start with the massage. The pain the pressure in your will disappear because this will reduce blood flow to your scalp.

Heat and Cool

Put a tablespoon of dry mustard powder in a bowl with hot water and put your feet inside. Wait for 15 minutes and see the amazing results. Sometimes when you have tension headache, you can put hot compress on the back of the neck or on your forehead and then put cold compress on the same places. It sound strange, but it is very effective.

Try Some Herbs-Recipes

You can use some of your favorite herb to stop the headache. If you like basil, just put three leaves in a cup of boiled water and have a sip. Or if you prefer ginger, just mix a teaspoon of dry ginger powder and two tablespoon of water and put it on your forehead. That’s it. Fast, easy and effective.

Try the 10-days sugar detox diet and say goodbye to the headaches.

Prevention Is Always Best

Always when you can avoid the stress, caffeine, alcohol, noise and chocolate.

Advice: sleep for eight hours, try medication, plenty of water and physical activity.

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