Popular Depression, Allergy, Insomnia Drugs Linked to Dementia!

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Shocking news about the popular insomnia, depression and allergies’ drugs. Until today, we all thought that these prescribed drug can help us, when we have insomnia or allergies. We never thought that they can be so dangerous for us and our health, but the newest studies show the opposite- they can lead to Demetria

Evidence of Drugs Linked to Dementia

Study published by Jama Neurology and a study by University of Washington, show that allergies, insomnia and depression drugs can affect and damage your brain. According to these studies, drugs like Paxil, Benadryl, Atrovent, Dramamine, Unison, Vasicare, Advil PM are very dangerous drugs because they lower metabolism in the brain and lead to lower memory and higher brain atrophy.

Natural Remedies for Depression, Allergies & Insomnia


If you often suffer from allergies, you should avoid sunflower seeds, cucumbers, melons, fish and Echinacea.

Instead of drugs use natural ways to prevent from allergies.


The safest and best way to beat insomnia is turmeric, but you can also try Valerian root.

Prepare a nice tea from Valerian root before you go to bed and enjoy the night.


If you suffer from depression, don’t take pills.

Use turmeric to treat depression naturally.



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