Read This And Never Throw An Avocado Seed Again!

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We all enjoy eating exotic fruits. Fruits are delicious, tasty and most important, they are healthy. Avocado is my favorite fruit. You should consume the whole avocado fruits, because avocado seeds are rich in nutrients. Many people throw the avocado seeds, but they don’t know that these seeds have a long history of medicinal use in traditional cultures. Avocado seeds are full of antioxidants and that’s why we should all consume them. These seeds have more soluble fiber than most any other fruits and vegetables on the planet. Interesting, right?

Avocado Seed Benefits

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Digestion – American Indians treated dysentery and diarrhea using avocado seeds.

Soluble Fiber – The avocado seed belong to the group of foods with the highest natural sources of soluble fiber. It can help you to lower cholesterol and at the same time it can improve heart function.

Antioxidant – The avocado seed contains 70% of the antioxidants found in the whole avocado.

Antimicrobial – Avocado seeds is perfect choice if you want to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the gram positive rod group.

Reduce Tumor Growth – The avocado seeds is rich with flavonol, so it can prevent and reduce tumor growth.

Anti-Aging – Avocado seeds fight free radical cells, so they can slow down the aging process, reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen underneath the skin.

Potassium – Avocado seeds are very high in potassium.

Weight Loss – European studies have shown that avocado seeds is good for fat burning properties.

Boosts heart health – The oils from avocado seeds support cardiovascular health.

Strengthen Immune System – Avocado seeds are said to be useful and they can protect you from colds and flus.

Ways to Add Into Your Diet

Add the avocado seed smoothie:

A Quick Word on Safety

Don’t eat too many seeds. Avocado leaves and seeds are not harmful but only when you consume them in small quantities.

The avocado seed has a lot of health benefits. Next time you eat avocados, think twice before you throw away the seed and try adding some into your diet! Let me know how it goes!

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