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Read This And Never Throw Banana Peels Again!

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The banana peel, similar like orange peels, tea leaves and coffee grounds, has a lot of beneficial qualities that’ll make you think twice the next time you want to throw it in the garbage.

We present you 9 of the best banana peel uses for you to try:

  1. Shoe Polish: Polish your shoes with the inside part of the banana peel
  2. Teeth Whitener: Banana peel contains magnesium, so if you polish your teeth with this peel they will become white and shiny.
  3. Wart Cure: Using banana peel, you can easily cure warts
  4. Silverware Polish: If you want to polish your silverware, you should blend the banana peel a polish your silverware with cloth.
  5. Acne: Applying banana peel on your affected are will solve this problem for you.
  6. Dry Skin Cure: Go through your face with banana peel.
  7. Hemorrhoid Cure: Banana peels are excellent choice for hemorrhoids
  8. Banana Peel Message: Banana peel relives the muscles very fast.
  9. Anti-Depressant:  Drinking boiled banana peel water fight depression.

Some Important Tips:

  • For best results, use fresh banana peel.
  • Store bananas in a dry and cool place.
  • Always keep bananas away from sunlight or heat.
  • Never store banana peels in a refrigerator.
  • Don’t throw banana peels on public places. Use bins or save them for better purposes

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