Reverse Diabetes Type 2 Naturally!

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Diabetes is a serious health problem. There are different types of diabetes. If you are diagnosed diabetes type 2, be careful because it is a dangerous condition that deserves serious attention. But don’t panic! If you control your blood sugar and choose your food carefully- you are likely to live long and health life.

A lot of people think that you can live with diabetes type 2 only with drugs prescribed by the doctor. But always there is alternative way to reverse your health problem. With this type of diabetes there are two potential problems with the insulin. One of them is when your cells become resistant to the insulin that is produced in your body, and the other is when you pancreas can not make enough insulin.

As a first step you should lose weight. You can do it easy if you pay more attention on the food you eat and the things you drink.

Best Daily Routine Plan For People Diagnosed With Diabetes Type 2!

Every morning after you get up drink a glass of water or prepare yourself a cup of coffee or tea.  Do not eat breakfast and do not drink anything else except water, coffee or tea.

Tea coffee

Next step is doing exercises. You don’t have to do any hard exercises, just try walking or cycling for 20-45 min. This can be fun. You can walk every morning to the cheapest market is you town to buy what you need or buy a dog and take it for a walk every morning. This way you will not notice that you are exercising and you will enjoy at the same time.

walkin dog

When you finish exercising continue drinking water, coffee or tea until your lunch. Don’t worry, you will not feel hungry because the water helps you to keep your stomach full.

For lunch choose healthy food. After lunch till the end of the day, you can eat normally, but try not to eat junk food. Eat plenty of lean protein and low-fat, low-glycemic carbohydrates. Eat beans, fish, non fat yogurt, almonds, no starchy vegetables, wild salmon, egg whites, avocado.

food 2

That’s it! Sounds easy right?


Increase fiber, Use cinnamon, Use vinegar, Enjoy dark chocolate


Consume a lot of alcohol, Consume sugar or starches, Eat saturate or trans fats