Reverse Gray Hair Naturally!

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First gray hair can appear at different parts of life. Some people face with gray hair at the age of 22, but some people see their first gray hair at the age of 40. But have you ever wonder, why some people have their natural color hair without doing anything special? Is it genetically or is it connected with stress?

Well, many reaches show that it is not a miracle if you don’t have gray hair by the age of 40.

Gray hair is a sign that your body is missing some vitamins or it is a sign for mineral deficiency.

Having gray or white hair comes with your age, but if you face with premature gray, you must read this:

Health Issues That May be Indicated by Prematurely Gray Hair

  1. Pernicious anemia
  2. Endocrine imbalance (balancing hormones can bring your natural color back in few months)
  3. Celiac disease. (If you stop consuming gluten, your natural color will appear back very soon, even in worst cases)


Supplements That May Help Halt or Reverse Graying Hair

  •     Copper- Include copper in your daily meals.
  •     PABA- Para-aminobenzoic acid (from folic acid)
  •     B-12 (Vitamin B-12 is crucial for reversing gray hair)


How to Correct a Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency

When addressing nutritional deficiencies, there are 3 things to consider:

A Healthy Diet – A Healthy Body

80% or more fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Try to eat more vegetables than fruits that is also very important. So, start eating one big vegetable salad (different vegetables) every day, and soon you will see healthier you.

Don’t forget to stop consuming high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, refined sugar, GMO’s, artificial colors and flavors and limit caffeine.

Detox for Health

Twice a year detox your body

Gut Health

This means that proteins and other substances, instead of going through digestive process, it leaks in the bloodstream. This leads to many diseases and allergies. As a result, body lost the ability to absorb nutrients.

Onion Juice Reverses Gray Hair

You need:

-fresh organic onion


Peel the onion and then make an onion juice (you can use different electric and hand supply)

Apply the onion juice every morning on your scalp and gently brush it (you can massage it also). Leave it for half to one hour. Don’t forget to start with small amount, until you use to do it.

Onion is a great for infections. Onion juice kills parasites, germs, fungal infections, which is a reason for hair loss.

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