The Top 27 Alkaline Foods On The Planet (Eat More To Prevent Cancer, Blood Pressure And Heart Disease)!

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We are all aware of the fact that fast food, processed products and fizzy drinks are bad and can harm our body, we still consume them every day. These foods make our bodies acidic, which is not good for us. Let’s try to avoid all this bad foods and let’s start eating what’s good for us.

Here is a list of best foods for us, which can help us be healthy.

Alkaline foods:


Melon and watermelon

Melon and watermelon are known as super foods. They are rich with water, they are delicious and they can help us in cleaning our body fast and safe.

Swiss chard

This food can protect us from free radicals, viruses and bacteria. At the same time it can boost our immune system.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the best choice for our delicious salads. It is rich with vitamin E which make this oil healthy.


Have you ever tried buckwheat? Well, you should definitely try, because it can boost energy and it is good for cardiovascular function because it can strengthen your heart.

Flax seed

Flax seeds are very healthy and they are highly alkaline. They are rich with vitamin E and they are high-fiber food. Consuming flax seed every day can help you for cleaning the body.

Other alkaline foods

Bananas, avocado and berries are called super fruits. They are a perfect choice for breakfast.

Carrots, garlic and broccoli are awesome vegetables. They are good for regulating blood pressure and cholesterol. They boost your immune system and protect you from viruses.

Parsley, sea weed, spinach and cucumber. These green food are best choice for perfect skin and at the same time they are rich with vitamins and iron.

Grapes, grapefruits and lemon are foods that you should consume often. They are rich with vitamins A and C and can protect you from cold, flu and cough.

Mango, papaya and oranges protect your colon.

Pineapple, alfalfa sprouts, Brussels sprouts provide anti-cancer potential. They can regulated you weight because they provide normal hormone balance.

Quinoa, celery and kale are good for regulating blood sugar.

Choose your favorite foods from the list and start living healthier life.


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