These Seven Foods Kill Cancer Cells; Time To Start Eating Them

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Latest scientific discoveries found out that certain drinks and foods, are related with tumor and cancer growth in human bodies. Fortunately, some famous nutrients are sure that some foods have the ability to destroy abnormal cancer cells in human body without any additional side-effects.

These foods so special because they have the unique power to cut off the blood supply to abnormal tumor cells and that’s how they starve them. These foods are often associated with anti-angiogenesis (process in which cells are created).

The production of new blood vessels in the body actually means angiogenesis. As you already know this is more emphasized in adults.

Cancer cells need nutrients to grow just like the normal cells. So you must be careful which food do you consume.

Today we present you 7 foods that have the power to process angiogenesis and at the same time they prevent the creation of famous food channel to the cancer or tumor in the body. So, we are feel free to say that this is actually the answer of all the questions related with the fact that anti-cancer medications are nothing more than pharmaceutical inhibitors.

These inhibitors stop the process of angiogenesis. The secret that the doctor never tell you is that conventional chemo drugs inhibitors can not target cancer cells in the body. They can only stop or slow down the growth. That’s why we decided to present you our 7 gifts of nature that will provide you the desired anti-angiogenesis effects.

 Red wine

Red wine is packed with a mighty antioxidant called resveratrol which reduces the risk of developing cancer.

According to the newest medical research, resveratrol inhibits can destroys bacteria, tumor growth, fungi and viruses, prevents free-radical damage, enhances heart function, repairs DNA damage.

A glass of red wine, has 640 mcg of resveratrol. The recommended dose Is 200-600mcg per day. Some researches shows that Bordeaux and Pinot Noir can give you the highest content of resveratrol.


Tomato juice reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer up to 50%.

Tomatoes have anti-angiogenic effect. They contain lycopene which boost the immune system. Cooking tomatoes in oil and in high temperatures increase the amount of vitamin C in tomatoes.

 Blueberries and raspberries

They are both powerful and at the same time they are very delicious. Blueberries and raspberries have the unique ability to prevent cancer’s development, because they decrease oxidative stress and inspire angiogenesis.

 Dark chocolate

We all enjoy eating chocolate, but the dark chocolate is always a better option, because it strengthens heart, destroys cancer cells and boosts mood.

Coffee and green tea

Drinking coffee or green tea is the best thing you can do for your body. They are good for metabolism and have strong anti-cancer agents.


It is one of the most powerful spices in the world. It has a strong anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effect. Turmeric is good for healthy metabolism. Spice your food with turmeric and protect your health.

These top 7 foods and drinks should be your new best friends starting from today and get the best protection against cancer ever.


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