This Is What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey on an Empty Stomach in the Morning!

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Health benefits of taking an apple everyday are already well known to a lot people. But you should combine honey and apple cider vinegar if you want to compound the health benefits or you can even cure some of the common ailments. Traditionally, people relive joint pain and solve digestive problems using ACV (apple cider vinegar). But, honey has anti-inflammatory abilities and we all know that it is a great antioxidant, so it is a perfect choice against diseases. Traditionally, people use honey to relieve acid reflux and cure sore.

If you mix the apple cider vinegar and honey together, the health benefits are doubled. The mixture has the power to fight inflammations and infections and other illnesses. When you consume the mixture daily, it will help you against skin diseases, hypertension, digestive problems, low energy levels, acid reflux, bad breath, inflammations, obesity and joint pains.

But you ask yourself why ACV and Honey combination is so effective? It is because they both turn alkaline in the body, and when the Ph level is increased, that means that the body is more suitable to fight diseases and germs. Higher PH level in the body is even very important when you are sick. Higher PH level in the body is also very important when you consume a lot of unhealthy fast food.  We all know that meat and other unhealthy food cause our PH levels to drop. That is why ACV and Honey are so important for all of us.

For best results, you should use unprocessed ACV. It supposed to have that substance at the bottom that looks like a pulp. Don’t forget that the honey should be unprocessed and fresh too.


Mix the ingredients below together.

– ACV (One tablespoon)

– Honey (one teaspoon)

– Pure Water (one cup)

Consume this mixture 20 or 30 minutes before breakfast, but don’t forget that your stomach should be empty when you consume it.

Be careful!  Consuming too much ACV can be harmful to your health. It could reduce the potassium and can lower your bone density in your body. Therefore, it is wise to consume it for some time and then to visit your doctor for advice before long term usage of the ACV and honey mixture.


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