Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods!

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You know that cancer is a very the serious condition. It changes people spiritually, financially, but also mentally, emotionally, and physically. It stops you living your life. After facing with cancer, people can never be the same again.

But, stop here and ask yourself: What if there a chance that you can do something to decrease your cancer risk in half? You, in half.

What would you do? Are you ready to do something for yourself? Something good?

Many people talk about cancer cures. But don’t you think that prevention is better than healing.

Scientists and experts say that the food and drink we consume is related with the cancer cause. Yes, your lifestyle can be cancer causing.

Four years ago, the World Health Organization found out that there are more than 15 million new cases of cancer and more than 8 million deaths worldwide.

The top 5 most-diagnosed cancers in men: colorectal, liver, lung, prostate, and stomach.

The top 5 most-diagnosed cancers in women: colorectal, breast, stomach, lung, and cervix.


Top 10 Cancer-Causing-Foods


Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs): More than 90% of our soy and corn are now genetically modified. So, choose your food carefully. Avoid GMO foods.

Microwave Popcorn: Eating microwave popcorn can take you very close to lung cancer. Stop eating microwave popcorn immediately.

Canned Goods: These products contain bisphenol-A (BPA) which is not good for your body. Avoid consuming food in cans, plastic and paper.

Grilled Red Meat 

Refined Sugar

Salted, Pickled, and Smoked Foods 

Soda and Carbonated Beverages

White Flour

Farmed Fish

Hydrogenated Oils


 4 Steps to Help Prevent Cancer


Now you know how can you prevent from cancer. It is your choice your further lifestyle.

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