Train You Brain To Choose Healthy Food!

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Human brain can be trained to love healthy food, instead of high caloric meals.

BBC writes that this technique is used for overweight people and junk food addicts.

It’s a simple to say, but a hard way to do.

Or is it?


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New American study says that food addict can be controlled and even stopped. Brain can be trained to choose healthy food, says professor Susan Roberts of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She is sure that it should not have to be so hard to change the habits we have. That’s why she decided to develop a unique program using the best available technique about hunger, diet and satiety. This is known as, Mrs. Roberts calls it, instinctive eating, and it’s the basis of her new book The “I” Diet.

Scientists included 13 patients with over weight problem in the study, but only 8 of them were involved in the special program for losing weight.


They were prescribed a special diet with high percent of proteins, but low level of carbohydrates. At the same time they were never hungry, because that is the key moment when the bad addict takes control, and the junk food becomes attractive.

Six months later, they had a brain scan. The results showed that these people prefer to eat healthy food instead of junk food.


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