The Cure For Cancer Has Been Found! Vitamin B17 Cures Cancer!

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About 1500 people die from cancer every day. That is a really huge number of ill people. But what is the reason and why does that pharmacy hasn’t found the cure, yet? Is it possible that the cure doesn’t exist? The answer is simple: NO.

The remedy for cancer really exists, but the pharmacy hides it because they make millions of dollars selling the pills that don’t have positive effect s. They don’t care about the human life. The only thing they care about is money. Lots of researching has shown that the only reason why people have cancer is the avitaminosis.

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The research results: B17 is a cure for cancer!

In the exclusive interview, the American publicist Edward Griffin reveals why the medicine industry does hides the real cure against the cancer.

His research, which lasted for 3 years, started when his friend Richardson, a doctor in San Francisco, started an experiment in his hospital. He used B17 on his hand, to treat the patients diagnosed with cancer. Later he has achieved great results. Also he tasted the B17 on a mouse with cancer, and few weeks later the mouse was healed. Few years later, his best friend was diagnosed cancer. The doctors gave him 2-3 weeks of life. He treated his friend with B17 as a last chance and miracle happened.  The man is still alive, 10 years later.

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The B17 really works and helps people around the world. Thousands of people have been healed, and millions of people will be healed in the future. The politician and the big pharmaceutical giants have known this for years. That’s why they stop the selling of the B17. Imagine how much money they will lose if the remedy is free to use for everybody.

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Here is one of the thousands healed with the receipt.

But we do not care for their business. The only thing we care about is human life.

So friends, let’s do this together for better result.

Let’s do something huge for the humanity.

Let’s spread the word together.

Together we can save millions of lives.  Men next-door, a collage at work, stranger on the street, millions of people in the hospitals need our help.

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