Why Oregano Oil Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own!

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Oregano oil is the ultimate antibiotic. Oregano is one of the most powerful herbs and contains unique healing properties. Some people don’t know the fact that oregano has three times antioxidants more that blueberries and eight times more than apples have.  We all know that the antioxidants protect our body against free radical damage. Additionally, antioxidants have the power to boost the immune-system completely naturally. Oregano Oil is the most potent plant oil in the world!

The first known distribution of oregano oil started in Ancient Greece. In Greek the word oregano means joy of the mountains. Actually, the Greeks were the first who use this healthy oil for medicinal purposes. They used it as a powerful antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral agent but they also used it as a remedy for inflammation and pain. Believed or not, this oil was the main antibacterial tool used by Hippocrates. Oregano leaves are traditionally used to treat digestive system illnesses and respiratory illnesses.

Oregano Oil  is The Ultimate  Antibiotic

Oregano Essential Oil contains niacin, Vitamins A and C, manganese, boron, copper, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Not Oil Oregano Oil Created Equal

Real wild Mediterranean Oregano needs to be Thymus capitatus and it is mostly grown in Spain. It is very important to make sure the Oil of Oregano is derived from this or from Origanum Vulgare kind .Another important thing is that it must have the carvacrol concentration of 70% or even more.  But, what is most important is that oregano essential oil doesn’t have any side effects and does not create harmful strains in the body. Moreover, oregano oil is extremely effective against dangerous and even the most deadly infections and bacteria, but at the same time it does not produce biological changes in the body. If you read the statistics, you will notice that people in the Mediterranean live longer than the others. Maybe partly because add oregano oil in most of their Mediterranean dishes!



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