You are Most Likely Consuming bleached and chemical laden Garlic from China. Here is how to spot it!

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As we all know, Garlic is famous for numerous health benefits, especially when we talk about heart health. It can really beat fever, headaches, stomach aches, coughs, sinus congestion, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, gout, asthma, bronchitis, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, low or high blood sugar. It is well-known that it helps to prevent cancer or other diseases.

But do you know where the garlic on the table comes from?

The answer is – China.

About 20 million tons (almost 40 billion pounds) is grown in China every year, which covers for more than 81% of total world output.

Executive officer at the Australian Garlic Industry Association, Mr. Henry Bell, is really concern about this fact, because China usually sprays their garlic with different kinds of toxic chemicals, because this way they kill insects and plant matter and also it helps garlic to look fresher.

In his interview with the reporter David Sutherland, Bell explained that some of the garlic growers use raw human sewage just to fertilize the crops. Then he added that he also challenges the effectiveness of the well-known Chinese methyl bromide fumigation processes, which belongs in really toxic chemicals and is often used to kill insects.

Whether we’re looking for flavor or unique taste or whether we’re looking for special benefits… the key is freshness. And if you prefer buying imported garlic then sometimes you get last year’s crop. That’s why the best you can do is to support local garlic growers.

Next time you need to buy garlic, check the label or ask where it comes from. If they tell you that it comes from overseas, you should know that probably it not fresh or healthy.

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