You Can Laugh At Money Worries- If You Follow This Simple Plan!

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A lot of people have money problems. They think that they do not earn enough. This isn’t true. The answer is that they just throw their money everyday, without noticing that. You can forget your money problems just organize your money by following this strategy:




food wastesl
Buy food that is enough for you or your family. Don’t buy food that will end in the garbage. Every family throws about $5.500 every year. This way you will use this money for something else.


junk food

Don’t waist money on junk food, cook your meals. Every family waits about $2.300 every month on junk food. If you cook the food at home you will need about $970 for a month.



money third

Find additional job. The salary from the second job, should be very high. Just enough for your bills. So, it should be an easy job.



Let’s see how much can you save for a year: $ 5.500 ( from food throwing) + $1.300 ( cooked food) * 12 months + $ 1.200 (additional job)*12 months= 5.500+15. 960+ 14.400= $35.860-every year.

Easy and logically, right? Try it and see the difference!

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