Could “Pokémon Go” be bad for your health?

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Pokémon Go app becomes the most popular game around the world. People with smartphones play this game for more than just a few hours a day. The unique about this game is that you need to walk indoors and outdoors to find Pikachu’s, Charmander’s and Squirtle’s galore. This game is very addictive for people from different age.

Psychologists are worried about the people who play this game, because there is a strong proof that excessive gaming is not good for brain. This new application has new concept, it includes virtual reality. How does it affect your brain? Has this application awful side effects for human brain?

Many accidents are linked with this application:

A 15 year old girl from Pennsylvania was hit by a car while she was crossing the street searching Pokémon.  Searching for Pokémon includes searching and walking across streets.

A 28-year-boy, Steven Cary, from New York, hit a tree, because he was driving his car while he was looking for Pokémon.

Two friends from Dublin, posted a pictures on Fb with Pokémon on the rooftop. Don’t you think that this is dangerous?

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