Man Cured Cancer With 2 Natural Ingredients (And His Doctors Still Don’t Know How!)

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Doctors recommend chemotherapy as the best and only way to fight cancer in the body. Unfortunately, doctors never tell their patients that the chemotherapy also damages the rest of the body as much as it heals the cancer. People nowadays refuse to take chemotherapy and they turn to natural treatments because they are aware of the bad side effects. Natural treatments are better, safer and more effective than the conventional ones. Many people have succeeded to beat the deadly disease only by using homemade herbs and remedies.

Some people use backing soda, garlic or turmeric, but the newest cancer remedy is the golden honey.

As you already know, honey is a very powerful food and it is the king among the natural remedies known to mankind. Thousands of years ago, people used this food because they were aware of its numerous health benefits. Unfortunately, at that time honey was very expensive and only rich people used it. English explorers and archaeologists opened Tutankhamen’s tomb, and they were amazed because they found honey which is more 3000 years old! Not only Egyptians used honey, but also the Greeks and Romans used it to heal wounds and to strengthen their bodies.

Ante Kresic defeated lung cancer

We will present you the amazing story of Ante Kresic from Zagreb, Croatia. In 2001, Ante Kresic was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was shocked because doctors gave him very little time to live. He was soon released from the hospital to spend his last months at home. He didn’t have any choice except to start the fight against the cancer using completely natural treatments. He decided to use honey treatment.  Few months later the doctors were shocked. He continue the honey treatment and by summer his cancer was gone. Thanks to his decision, today he is perfectly health man. He defeated lung cancer successfully, and today he is a beekeeper.

Mr. Ante Kresic from Croatia decided to share his experience, because he is sure that this can help somebody to defeat cancer.

Ante Kresic Recipe:


  • 2 big ginger roots
  • ½ kg organic honey


First you should chop the ginger roots and the next step is to mix them with ½ kg of organic honey.

Now, take a glass jar and put the mixture inside.

How to consume it:

1 tablespoon, 3-4 times a day

Be careful and don’t forget that you must use plastic or wooden spoon.

You will notice the first effect 4 days later.

The process of healing is long, but be patient.

We hope that this honey remedy will give your health back and that soon you will get the positive results.


Thank you for reading this article. If you have time, please share this information as fast as possible, because together we can save someone’s life. Many people around the world are desperately looking for cancer cure. Let’s help together.

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