One Exercise, Four Minutes, 28 Days, New Body!

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If you want to have a perfect shape of your body you can try to do it in the same way as millions of people around the world. The outstanding body shape can be achieved by doing this effective and easy exercise- plank.

We call this exercise effective because it strengthens your central part (core) of the body. Some people think that this exercise is easy, they often skip it. However, it is one of the powerful workouts that can strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, arms and legs; it will surely melt more fat deposits than doing sit-ups. The most interesting fact is that it will strengthen both external and internal muscles of the core and the back.
Plank with other words is the push-up position, where the muscles work in a similar way as with push-ups .
The Plank Challenge is designed to be finished in four weeks only, gradually increased while days pass by. The first step of the challenge is very easy and it is about holding the plank position for 20 seconds, and the final aim is to achieve four minutes non-paused plank. This way your body prepares for bigger challenges.

Correct plank position

The results of this challenge depend on the way you engage with this exercise. The most important thing is that when you lift yourself on elbows and lean on your toes, don’t forget your upper body to be in a straight line.
Try to control your body to remain in the correct position, and be careful, your neck and head have to be in the extension of the back with taking a deep breath always with your abdominal muscles. Now, you should try to distribute the weight on your elbows and your feet.

28-days Plank Challenge For Perfect Body

Day 1: do it for 20 seconds
Day 2: do it for 20 seconds
Day 3: do it for 30 seconds
Day 4: try with 30 seconds
Day 5: increase to 40 seconds
Day 6: you deserve to rest
Day 7: do it for 45 seconds
Day 8: do it for 45 seconds
Day 9: do it for 60 seconds
Day 10: do it for 60 seconds
Day 11: do it for 60 seconds
Day 12: increase to 90 seconds
Day 13: you can rest
Day 14: do it for 90 seconds
Day 15: do it for 90 seconds
Day 16: increase to 120 seconds
Day 17: do it for 120 seconds
Day 18: increase to 150 seconds
Day 19: you can rest
Day 20: do it for 150 seconds
Day 21: do it for 150 seconds
Day 22: do it for 180 seconds
Day 23: do it for 180 seconds
Day 24: do it for 210 seconds
Day 25: you can rest
Day 26: do it for 210 seconds
Day 27: do it for 240 seconds
Day 28: do it longest you can

We can all agree that this exercise is really demanding, and that can be felt within the first twenty seconds. If you want to work only on specific parts of the body, than try different kinds of challenges, on the similar

Good luck!

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