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Katherine Crofton/DW Staff – While I was growing, I learnt to take off our shoes at the front door in order to keep the carpet clean. (White carpet? I guess it is not the best color carpet for a family with many kids).  There are many different cultures around the world, where taking off your shoes before entering in a house is not only common but it is expected.

I used to work in South Korea for more than four years. I worked as an English teacher at a public school. In the Korean apartments there are special areas that are set lower than the rest part of the home. These special lower areas are for shoes, yours and your guests’ shoes. It is also common to offer cozy slippers that your guests supposed to wear while they are staying in your house.

We need to practice this tradition here in America. We also need to take off the shoes we are wearing before we enter our homes for some very important reasons.


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Stop and think about where you have been today or yesterday. Did you visit a public bathroom? Believed or not public bathroom floors contain more than 2 million bacteria per square inch while toilet seats only contain more than 50 different bacterias. Gross.

But imagine that thousands of people walk on a local farm, through the subway, at the hospital visiting a sick relative or friend. You do not want what is on the subway platform or at the hospital in your house.

Are you sure you really want all those bacterias on your carpet and floor where your children usually play?

A common bacteria that is usually found on shoes includes: meningitis,  e.coli, c.diff and plenty of other species of bacterias.


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There are a millions of toxins from the outside environment that you can easily bring into the house via your shoes. Think about it, if you or your partner works in a place where harmful chemicals and toxins are used, he or she brings that home.

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