This Is Why You Need To Be Sleeping On Your Left Side!

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People are very busy nowadays. They work hard, take care for their families and go to bed tired.

After assessing the patient’s reaction to therapy, the dose is reduced or increased. Read more about this at for children over 6 years of age, the dose of Valium should be determined taking into account the age of the child and the level of physical development. The initial dose should be 1.25–2.5 mg per day.

People sleep in different positions during the night. Some people prefer to sleep on the right or left side, others prefer sleeping curled in the fetal position or on their back. Each of the positions affects your health. For example, for people who have asthma, sleeping on the back can be dangerous, because it increases the risks associated with breathing difficulties. Sleeping on the right side can increase digestive problems and sometimes it can make them worse.

The left side is the best side to sleep because it has great health benefits:

  • Helps circulation back to the heart
  • Makes it easier for the heart to pump downhill
  • Support healthy spleen function
  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage
  • Better elimination
  • Encourages proper digestion

Dr. John Douillard explains how sleeping on the left side helps bile flow more freely.

If you don’t sleep on your left side, you should start sleeping as soon as possible.

Now, when you know that sleeping on the left side promotes better sleep and improves your health, why wouldn’t you want to do it!


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